History and Concept for IF SIX WAS NINE

I have never been tasted of the incense of freshness when I was wearing such a degree.
I am convinced that unless I have seen many clothes (modes) with eyes, I can not do any innovative shipment so far.
It is a pity that I can only show you the magnitude of changing the personality just by wearing it in the body.

Comfortable to wear away, sophisticated and sharpened creativity
It continues to attract the people of the world who knows this with us.
Why do not you try tasting this magic for your hands.

これほどまでに 身にまとった時の色香は 今まで味わったことがない。
数多くの衣服 (mode) を目で見てきた者でなければ、ここまで斬新な発送は出来ないと 確信する。
身体にまとうだけで、人格までも変えてしまうすごさは imageでしかお見せできないのは残念だが . . .

やめられなくなる着心地と 洗練され そして研ぎすまされた創造性は
僕たちと これを知る世界の人々を 魅了し続けている。
君も手にとって この magic を味わってみないか . . .